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About Us

Welcome to BeautyMachines.com!

BeautyMachines.com was established to give beauty professionals a very unique and high quality selection of beauty machines that will allow them to operate within the guidelines and requirements as outlined by the FDA.

We cater exclusively to professionals who are looking for the best beauty equipment available and are willing to make the investment in the future of their business and/or practice. The savvy businessperson understands the nature of cash flow and how it relates to their equipment purchases – high quality beauty equipment pays for itself no matter what the cost!

Whether you are trying to outfit your new Medspa with a full set of FDA compliant machines or if you simply want to purchase some of the most technologically advanced, high quality beauty machines in the industry, you have come to the right place.

We have assembled a fantastic selection of extremely high quality equipment from some of the best manufacturers. Our collection consists of equipment made in the US and Italy.

What makes BeautyMachines.com different?

BeatuyMachines.com only sells "legal" beauty machines so the purchaser can have comfort in what they purchase from us. Let us explain…

Every business in the beauty industry that performs treatments and/or procedures with beauty machines understands the importance of operating with "legal" equipment. Certain beauty procedures/treatments actually require that they be performed on machines with FDA clearance. This includes but is not limited to equipment such as lasers, radio frequency (RF), and intense pulsed light (IPL).

FDA cleared machines not only say the business is operating "legally", but it ensures the safety of its clients. In the unlikely event a client is injured during a procedure, if a business is operating "legally" they dramatically reduce their liability exposure. There are literally thousands of machines sold every year that do not fall into the "legal" category and, thus, exposes the business to a high degree of risk every time it performs a treatment with that machine.

Click Around…


Click around and see the unique products we have – hard to find yet some of the best in the industry. Quality, choices, budget friendly, and warranty times not typically found elsewhere make us hard to ignore.  Tired of searching other sites only to find the same low quality machines as seen on eBay or Amazon?  Your search can end here…we have more FDA cleared and Made in USA machines in one place than any other site on the internet.

It’s no wonder we have a 99% satisfaction rating with our customers!

Feel free to contact us – whether it is our online chat service, email, or a phone call, you will get a live person most of the time during normal business hours; if not, we will strive to return your chat/call/email within 60 minutes during normal hours of operation (9-5 PST, M-F).

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