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DEMI Hand Held RF + LED For Home Use


Product Description

Spa results at home!

This beauty combines radio frequency and LED to help give your skin a youthful appearance.

Brief introduction

Demi, a portable RF beauty device, combines GSD patented bio-polar RF with LED (blue and red light) technology for skin tightening and rejuvenation. The lovely and multi-function device caters to the fashionable people's beauty needs, and features beauty kept and created everywhere. Technology: When ART RF energy penetrates into dermis, the electric energy is transformed into thermal energy. The inner temperature of the tissue increases, so that heated collagen fibers shrink immediately and stimulate to accelerate regeneration of collagen protein over a long term, with the results being wrinkle reduction, pore shrinking, skin tightening and acne treatment as well. LED technology enhances treatment results by transforming spectrum light energy into heat energy. Blue light is for acne treatment, red light is for skin rejuvenation.


Reduce appearance of wrinkles and fine lines
Firmer skin with a tighter and improved texture
Improve area around eyes
Improve acne condition


1. Safe: it adopts ART RF technology, which measures skin resistance automatically. No energy emits if tips has no contact with skin.
2. 4 in 1: four treatment functions include skin rejuvenation, wrinkle reduction, eyes care and acne treatment.
3. Comfortable: patented tip design with elastic tips.
4. Easy to operate: Intelligentized control, human-base interface, fashionable design.
5. Wide Usage: Suitable for home use, beauty salon, spa, or as a special gift, etc.
6 Professional results: concentrated RF and LED technologies to achieve instant and long term results.
7 Convenience: simply turn on DEMI and apply gel to skin and you can do it yourself anytime and put it into your handbag, taking it anywhere you like.
8 Modern design:popular device, refined appearance, newer version and high technology.
9 Money saver: you can enjoy continuous treatment with 4 functions simply by spending the same money of a few salon treatments.

1. Do not apply treatment on pregnant women and women in menstrual period.
2. Do not apply treatment on patients with serious burnt skin, scars hyperplasia skin cancer, infected skin and people who are sensitive to electric current.
3. Do not apply treatment on areas injected with dermal filler or hyaluronic acid, such as botox, restylane, perlane and spun gold plant. Please consult your physician before receiving RF treatment.
4. Do not apply treatment on patients who received treatment of skin exchange and exfoliation.
5. Do not apply treatment on patients under 12 years old.
6. do not apply treatment on patiens with heart disease, coronary heart disease, hypothyroid, hypertension, diabetes, glaucoma, skin cancer, infected skin and people who are sensitive to electric current.
7. do not apply treatment on patients embedded with medical electronic devices such as hearing aids, cardiac pacemaker, mechanical heart etc.
8. do not apply treatment on patiens who is receiving hormone treatment.
9. Do not apply treatment on patient with neurological conditions.


1. How often can I use DEMI device?
We suggest at the beginning to start a course of 10 treatments at an interval of one every 3-4 days., and to do subsequent maintenance treatments every 1-2 weeks.

2. Do I have to use the provided gel or can I substitute it with other gel I already own?
The DEMI operation gel is specifically formulated to be used in conjunction with the DEMI device. It can help RF energy deep into the dermis layer while protecting the epidermis from over-heating. We can not guarantee other forms of gel have the same effects.

3. How many treatments will I get from the DEMI Gel provided?
It should last for a full course of 10 treatments. You should apply a thin, even layer over all the area to be treated. There is no need to apply a thick layer of gel to obtain desired results.

4. Can anyone, including men, use the DEMI?
DEMI is safe for use for both men and women, on any skin type and any skin color; however, it is NOT suitable for children.

5. Can I use DEMI if IÕm having other anti aging skin treatments done or using other skin care technologies at the moment?
In general, it should not be used as long as the skin in the treatment area is still healing from any other procedure or treatment. DEMI can be safely used 3 months post surgical procedure, LASER resurfacing or deep chemical peeling in the treatment area. DEMI can be safely used in combination with LASER or IPL treatments and 3-4 weeks post Botox and fillers injections.

6. What does the treatment feel like? Is it that painful during treatment?
You will feel hot under the surface of skin with each touch of the tip. The RF energy is delivered to the skin and underlying tissue, and is transferred into heat energy. If you don't have a heating sensation, please adjust to a higher energy level.

Technical specifications:
RF frequency 1.15MHz±0.02MHz
Maximum input power 15W
Working mode Intermittent
Device dimensions: 14.6 x 5.6 x 3.5cm
Net Weight 297g
Hangbag dimension 22.5x18x10cm

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