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Light Therapy and Photodynamics

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Light therapy equipment is a MUST HAVE for any spa, ethetician or salon. It also makes a great addition to many doctor's practices.

Light therapy, also known as photo facials, is an FDA cleared protocol and has been an accepted practice for skin rejuvenation therapy for over 30 years!

Photo facials are popular skin treatments for both men and women.  The procedure uses light waves to improve the appearance of the skin. Some reasons for their popularity include convenience, excellent results, lack of significant discomfort, and zero recovery time; no wonder clients love it! 

The most common uses of this facial technique are for treating acne, improving skin texture and discoloration, and boosting collagen production. Photo facials are suitable for all skin types, but the best results are on light colored skin.

Light therapy is easy to administer, is painless, and provides noticeable results!  If you have the right FDA cleared LED light therapy equipment in your business or practice, you can provide another treatment that will keep them coming back for more.  This is an investment that will pay for itself very quickly.  Our selection of machines is as effective as any on the market but without the heavy price.  Check out our FDA cleared selection below.

Can I Use Phototherapy with Other Treatments?

Absolutely!  This is the best part - you can augment the results you are already giving your clients...

Add Phototherapy to Your Current Acne Treatment

- Dermabrasion may be performed either before or after blue + red light phototherapy

- We recommend using a fine anti-oxidant serum (with vitamin C & vitamin E) after the blue + red light phototherapy

- Extractions or sonic treatments can be performed before phototherapy

- Dermabrasion can be performed before phototherapy.

Add Phototherapy to Your Current Anti-Aging Treatment

- Use with collagen peptide wrinkle reduction creams after red light treatment for an even better result

- Perform Dermabrasion before red light treatments

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