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Microcurrent procedures are well known as “lunchtime facials”.  Fine lines and wrinkles are quickly reduced, giving the client a great feeling and overall experience.  Noticeable results in 45 minutes! Most facial procedures are a bit longer, but results are king and there are no better referrals than instant results.

We represent the oldest microcurrent manufacturer in the US; in fact, they have pioneered 5 technology breakthroughs since 1974!

The use of microccurent in medicine and cosmetic improvement has been studied for more than 35 years. Essentially, microcurrent is a low level of electrical current that mirrors the natural current flow of the body. It serves as a non-invasive augmentation of the body’s natural electrophysiology through frequency, polarity balancing, and homeostasis

Innovative applications for microcurrent technology encompass the beauty industry for face and body sculpting. There are significant benefits when applying these external energy sources. The application of microcurrent also supports skin correction by encouraging the repair process.

Cosmetic microcurrent is beneficial for improvement in the appearance of the skin:

  • Aged and slackened skin.
  • Improvement of skin texture.
  • inFe lines and wrinkles.  
  • Reduction of acne scars.
  • Use pre and post surgery to improve the both muscle and tissue for optimum outcome.
  • Post surgically the application of microcurrent supports reduction of trauma, irritation, inflammation and helps foster skin healing as well as minimizing scar tissue.
  • Muscle tightening in the abdominal area.

The effects of microcurrent are accumulative and studies have confirmed that there are significant side benefits including muscle re-education.

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