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Oxygen & Water Facials

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Create a wonderful environment for your clients by offering fantastic results with a unique and popular treatment that is taking the facial market by storm.  Oxygen and water (sometimes known as hydro) treatments are quickly becoming the most sought after procedures for clients today. 

The combination of oxygen and water create a superior feeling to clients; however, not all machines are created equally!  BeautyMachines.com has painstakingly researched this to come up with what we think are the highest quality products at fantastic price points – you may think the prices reflect lower quality but that is NOT the case. Our oxygen machine is simply the best performing machine on the market, especially at this price point. Our supplier purchases the best made oxygen machine on the market (purchased from that manufacturer) and re-engineers some of the inner workings so that is performs at the most appropriate levels for cosmetic and beauty purposes. The difference is in performance – side by side, our machine will hands down beat the competition.

Your business/practice is not complete without oxygen!

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