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ProFX Aquafacial Exfoliating System

RRP: $8,995.00 (You save $1,000.00)

Product Description

Finally an affordable hydration system for facial treatments!

You like the the other systems but you don't like the price tag - don't worry, this is the perfect solution for you and you don't have to sacrifice quality or results!  

Introducing the ProFx Aquafacial Exfoliating System that is so simple to use and provides results your clients will love!  Made by the manufacturers of Jet Clear, this one is a game-changer and will get you referrals.

The ProFx system is a total facial system.  ProFX is a 3-in-1 liquid vacuum system with three serum stations that provide for extensive skin cleaning, exfoliation and product infusion.  It's hypoallergenic, non-irritating peels have no side-effects.  Vacuum levels are adjustable to work comfortably and efficiently to evacuate pores and extract blackheads.  The classically designed and durably constructed ProFx is a space saving miracle at just 15 x 15 x 15 inches!


AquaFlex Tip™

The AquaFlex Tip™ is unique to the industry. Designed with smooth contours, the AquaFlex Tip™ glides over the skin for maximum client comfort.  The AquaFlex tip has channels which allow for the controlled delivery and return of serum for maximum debris and toxin removal.  Constant contact can be achieved even over sharp contours such as the nasal fold and jaw line. Small and larger tip sizes provide for application over large surface areas and into tight corners.


3 Steps:

1.  Vacuum skin cleansing, exfoliation and plumping - provides a lactic acid solution for cleansing of debris and toxins.

2.  Pore cleansing and blackhead removal -  provides salicylic and glycolic acid to dissolve and carry away sebum.

3.  Effective penetration and infusion of skin serums and nutrient solutions -  provides hyaluronic acid peptides for deep hydration and fine lines.


3 Step Process Detailed:

1.  Hypo-Allergenic Cleansing - absorb lactic acid, improve skin texture, and effectively remove dead skin cells

2.  T-Zone Cleansing - Loosen dirt & debris from pores and draw out impurities (absorb salicylic acid, remove blackheads, relax any inflammation in the skin and improve acne)

3.  Hydrating and Nourishing - Solution penetrates deep into the skin (Absorbs portulaca extract, hyaluronic acid is infused to nourish and protect, hydrating & nourishing agents are infused deep into the skin)


Each step in the process is approximately 6 minutes so the total treatment time is about 20 minutes.  Treatment protocol is about every 2 weeks.



You can use your own serums but all purchases come with a starter kit that will cover you for the first 10 treatments!  

Types of serums for the 3 step process: #1 deep cleanse with lactic; #2 exfoliate with glycolic and salicylic acid then #3 infuse serum best for skin condition like hyaluronic acid and peptides for anti-aging and wrinkles.

Serums cost $50 per bottle and you can expect 10 treatments from each.  Since there are 3 bottles, that total comes to $150 for the three and for 10 treatments then, it averages out to a cost of about $15 per treatment so you can build that into your price.



One tip can be used for an entire treatment without cleaning; they MUST be cleaned after each treatment in a cold liquid sterilizing cleaning solution (included with purchase).  Typical times for sterilization is 15 minutes. 

With proper care, tips last at least 100 treatments!

Replacement tips come in packages of 20 @ $2.00 per tip ($40).


Included with purchase:

1 machine

1 set (3 bottles) of serums/treatment formulas, good for approximately 10 treatments

20 tip set (at least 2,000 treatments)

Free shipping in the US



All after purchase service is handled out of the Fort Collins, CO service center.  If something happens within the first 60 days of purchase, a replacement machine will be sent for free.   

The warranty covers all parts and labor for one year (12 months).  Customer only has to pay shipping charges one way; service location will pay for shipping back to customer. 



On sale now for $7,995!


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